Developer & Marketing Services


Flinders Realty & Exchange and PLANITCorp are both owned and operated by Tom Flinders. PLANIT Corp provides a unique developer service package that is designed to assist with real estate development projects. PLANITCorp is driven by a passion our team has for bringing things to life from the ground up. We have the extraordinary vision to plan, implement, and foresee the raw land becoming a great place for people to live, work and play.

Land development involves many complex issues that require significant time and expertise to navigate all the way through the process. We understand the complex issues involved and have designed a unique process to successfully complete land development projects.

We also offer a complete turn key marketing package. It is important to understand that a successful development begins with a project analysis, a complete marketing plan, and continuous monitoring. With a strategic marketing approach specific to each project many of the unforeseen issues are resolved making it possible to successfully launch, implement and complete a project.